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Its time for some changes!
A Copper Rose Metal Art will be transitioning to Debra Montgomery Fine Metal Sculpture

Over the next few months, there will be some changes and what not on the website and some new work coming up so I apologize for the mess.

Thanks for your understanding during the transitional period!
Any questions, please feel free to contact me - 559-392-6426  or info@finemetalsculpture.com

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Reproduction / Publication Rights

Please note: For private commissions such as what is represented here on my website, all reproduction and publication rights are retained by the artist.Images of privately commissioned work may not be publicly / commercially reproduced by the client without the artist’s consent. 

Any public / commercial display of the artwork in any format, whether in person or online,
should be accompanied by credit to  “Debra Montgomery Fine Metal Sculpture” and/or the website URL “www.finemetalsculpture.com".

Any "Work for Hire" or Commercial Commissions, please contact me via EMAIL or 559-392-6426

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A Little About Me

debra montgomery fine metal sculpture artist

I am a metal artist living with my husband in the foothills of Fresno, California. I got started in metal when I changed careers in 2000 when I went back to school to pursue welding. During my time as an apprentice welder, I had an opportunity to work with a local blacksmith/artist and was exposed to the world of metal "art." I was blown away when I saw the scope of what a person could create out of metal and I wanted to be part of that! In 2009, I started my art business with the intention of creating unusual metal and copper art with various metal working techniques from welding to forging to repousse.

My favorite medium is welded steel. I particularly enjoy making things out of metal that people would not expect to see made out of metal. I also specialize in the techniques of repousse and chasing, which are basically advanced metal embossing techniques. My goals with my art work are to get away from the more traditional themes and challenge myself with more unique subject matter and detail-oriented pieces.

Connect with me using the links below to my Facebook, Google + and Linked IN pages.  I would be happy to reciprocate!  

Thank you very much for your interest and support of my metal art!
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