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Strong Women, Wild Horses is a character-driven documentary that brings a unique perspective to the controversy surrounding America’s wild horse population, their ongoing removal from the landscape at taxpayer’s expense and potential impact on the environment. The film delves into the issues through the lenses of women photographers who are documenting both how the horses live in the wild and how they are being managed into extinction. As each photographer shares their images, and their story we learn how championing the cause for wildlife has changed their lives. These women are conduits to pressing issues, about which many Americans are unaware, which will have lasting effects on our environment.

This looks to be an interesting documentary on the wild horse situation in America.  I am hoping to get up to Lompoc, CA to the Return To Freedom wild horse sanctuary for the photo safari that the have each month. It should prove to be inspirational on many levels for many reasons.  I am glad I live so close to some of these sanctuaries.  


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I am a welder by trade, having changed careers in 2000.  I anticipated pursuing a very practical blue collar career when I went back to school.  In discovering the aesthetic versus functional aspects of metal along the way, it has proven to be an unexpected and fascinating detour in my vocational path.  

Working primarily in welded steel and the copper forming techniques of repousse and chasing, I value expressiveness and textures in my work.  An integral part of my style is accuracy and tangibility. When people see my work, I want them be inclined to reach out and touch it.

I do not always have a set plan when I start creating a piece.  There are mathematical formulas for elements such as proportions and scale.  Other times, the metal surface can, in essence, take on a life of its own, with the shadows from the lights hinting where the next hammer hit should be.  A good part of my passion for and the challenge I get out of my work is driven by my finding the way to the end result. 

I take great pleasure in utilizing traditional metalsmithing techniques, bringing into fruition, detail-oriented two and three dimensional art that would be considered non-traditional in nature.     
As I continue to hone my skills as an artisan, I hope to develop my portfolio into a diverse and extraordinary collection of work that one would not expect to be constructed out of metal.

Go to my WORK UNDER CONSTRUCTION page to see progress photos of some of the projects I have done or my FAQ page for additional information.

Me at work in the shop!

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